Today, our group guarantees a service of Swiss quality thanks to its own production plants in Switzerland and abroad. Through the manufacturing of the products we offer and control: The quality, the deadlines as well as the traceability of the products and offer a unequalled service in Switzerland. Moreover, to satisfy the highest requirements of our customers, we provide a complete service from the conception to the installation of your projects.

Throughout the group, we hold the following certifications:

- ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management
- ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management
- EN 1090 - Fabrication of steel and aluminum structures

Business Climate Platform: www.klimaplattform.ch
Energy Cluster: www.energie-plattform.ch
Swiss Association for Quality: www.saq.ch
Swiss Association for Marketing: www.gfm.ch


Safety is one of the values of our group. That is why we do everything possible to ensure the safety of our employees and customers during our various missions.

Indeed, our teams are trained by IPAF and Vertical Access to ensure the proper use of lifting equipment. Thus lifts pods, trailers, elevators, scaffolding, harnesses, helmets, ... everything is certified. Our safety manager is trained by the SUVA and regularly carries out on-site inspections.

Did you know that the client can be co-responsible in case of an accident on a construction site? One more reason to ensure the reliability of your partners.


A sustainable company policy is an important goal for us. From an ecological, economic and social point of view, we feel responsible for the smart use of resources.

Since its foundation, the company has paid special attention to waste separation. Dumpsters are set up in the production facilities and then taken to the sorting center of our authorized partner.

We also equip ourselves with sustainable and ecological machines such as the latest HP Latex printers that use more durable inks than in the past or our "PureBlue" maintenance and cleaning system that works without chemicals.

Regarding energy, more than 3500m2 of solar panels are installed on our different sites. These panels supply our equipment with electricity. Since our production of energy is larger than our consumption, our neighbors also benefit from our installations.