Illuminated lettering

With our illuminated advertising technologies, you can guide your customers even in the darkest of nights.

When the eye meets a light source, it is on the lookout for new information. With an illuminated sign, your brand can be seen day and night, near and far.

Our specialists will advise you on your lighting projects and ensure that your message appears in its best possible way. Whether direct, indirect, artistic, neon, LED, lettering, towers, banners or gates - the choice of suitable colors and materials is decisive for the visibility and legibility of your illuminated communication.

Create your brand experience by altering the size, color and material of the illuminated letters.

Our illuminated lettering system is extremely flexible. Write whatever you like, with a unique result. Shades, effects, power, materials, types of fixtures, frames: by adapting these parameters to the specific characteristics of your projects, you will obtain a custom-made light combination. The size of the lettering also has a significant impact on the observer.

Our specialists will recommend the right product for your brand message, the location for your advertising facilities and your budget.
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