Textile boxes

The interior textile boxes allow you to expose your ideas or to dress your rooms according to your needs, desires and wishes.

The textile boxes are interior elements with multiple possibilities of use.

They can be used as an advertising element for a store or as a decorative element to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere thanks to the visuals but they can also energize a room or a place of passage according to the chosen image. The textile boxes can also be used as a communication tool if you prefer to integrate information such as the name of your store or an announcement of an exceptional sale.

The boxes are most of the time luminous and can also be used as lighting, controlled with a remote control or an application on a smartphone. Once installed, the visual can be changed easily and quickly. It is ideal for seasonal communication, promotional campaigns or various signage elements. In addition, the boxes have good soundproofing properties.

Whether it is for your store window, an exhibition, a ceiling in a reception area, a mural or even for your private spaces - the textile box has no limits.
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